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2021 Webinar Training Calendar

Please note: For logistical reasons we highly prefer that you pay for webinars with a credit card. When that is not possible, please let us know in the registration form comment box when we can expect a check. Webinar substitutions can be made 3 days before the class at no cost, with a new email address. (Individual email addresses are required for all participants). Cancellations must be made 5 days prior to the class and a $25 service fee will be applied.

October 19

Termination of Assistance/Residenty & COVID Update

10:30 am - 12:00 pm |  Gwen Volk |  $95 AHMA Members | $145 Non-Members

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For subsidized tenants, there are three types of termination: termination of housing assistance by the owner, termination of tenancy by the owner, and termination of tenancy by the tenant. HUD devotes an entire chapter of the 4350.3 Rev 1 (Chapter 8) to this complex topic and understanding when and how to apply the rules can be confusing. This session clearly explains the differences between the grounds, procedures and timelines for each type of termination and includes a discussion of how EIV discrepancies and repayment agreements come into play for both termination of assistance and termination of tenancy.

October 26

LIHTC File Maintenance

10:00 - 11:30 am |  Heather Wezensky |  $95 AHMA Members | $145 Non-Members

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This intermediate class will deal with the issues of keeping your LIHTC files in good order for reviews. It will give you the best practices to ensure that files meet all the requirements including timelines for disposal.

November 11

Holiday Blues & Residents:
The Effects of Social Distancing on Older Adults

10:00 - 11:30 am |  Ruben Rivera-Jackman |  $95 AHMA Members | $145 Non-Members

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Participants will be able to:

  • Enhance knowledge of behavioral issues associated with untreated mental health conditions.

  • Increase awareness of treatment and medication options.

  • Identifying tips for addressing Holiday Blues.

  • Share activities for older adult’s help enjoy the magic of the season.

  • Understand the impact of social distancing.

  • Improving mental and emotional health during Covid pandemic.

November 16

Handling MORs on Tax Credit Properties

10:00 - 11:30 am |  Gwen Volk|  $95 AHMA Members | $145 Non-Members

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With so many HUD properties recapitalizing with tax credits, managers are now faced with state agency compliance audits as well as Management and Occupancy Reviews by the PBCA. This session will review the keys to a successful MOR and discuss the special issues that arise when your property is layered with tax credit

December 14 & 15 - Two Day Webinar

EIV Boot Camp

11:00 am - 1:30 pm (both days) |  Jenny DeSilva |  $195 AHMA Members | $245 Non-Members

Rescheduled from October 11 as a Webinar

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Whether you are a seasoned property manager or a newly hired housing professional, everyone has questions about EIV.  If you have been searching for the perfect EIV Bootcamp, look no more.  This is it.

This comprehensive bootcamp will be broke into two, 2-hour sessions scheduled on separate days.  The registration fee covers both sessions (4 hours of training).  Single day registrations will not be accepted.

On Day 1, participants will be provided a concise overview of monthly and quarterly reports stored in the EIV Master File as well as the Existing Tenant Search.  Learn when to print them, what they are telling us and where to store them.  Example screenshots make this a superb class for visual learners!   This fundamental class will give managers clear steps to ensure their EIV Master File are organized and ready for assessment during an upcoming Management and Occupancy Review.   Materials for this class will include bonus section dividers and a Table of Contents to help you build a compliant EIV Binder that is audit-ready.  

Day 2 is geared for those struggling to understand Income Discrepancies.  Are you spinning your wheels?  Do you struggle to document the file when you know a discrepancy is not valid?  During this interactive session, participants will dive into case studies and learn how to document resolution, even when there are multiple income sources involved.  Learn to recognize the EIV System’s limitations and anomalies.  Knowledge is power. 

To compliment this session, participants will be provided with working papers they can use to document resolution of future discrepancies in tenant files that will impress compliance auditors with a solid methodology outlining resolution steps that are easy to follow.

December 21

Creating Communites of Caring:
Empathy for Residents Living With Mental Health Conditions

11:00 am - 12:30 pm |  Ruben Rivera-Jackman|  $95 AHMA Members | $145 Non-Members

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Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics of bullying behaviors.

  • Learn the five different types of bullies.

  • Understand the psycho-social impacts of bullying behaviors.

  • Identify Organizational interventions that may help minimize bullying among older adults.

Pinpoint skills to share with older adults to avoid them from being bullying targets.

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