2022 AHMA East Texas Scholarship Applications

All applications are in .pdf format.

Judge's Evaluation Data Sheet (Please read carefully)
Scholarship committee members: Please download the Evaluation Data Sheet (below) as an Excel file, as well as the applications for each student. Remember not to evaluate applications for students who are residents or employees of properties with which you are involved. For each applicant, complete their attached Evaluation Form, then enter the scores for each area to the Evaluation Data Sheet. The Data Sheet will calculate the total score for each applicant. Enter your name at the top of the completed Evaluation Data Sheet, save it as an Excel File. Please Email your completed Evaluation Data Sheet to me as an Excel attachment to dnewton46@gmail.com. Mike Alexander will notify you of the deadline for these to be sent to me.

Dean Newton

2022 Evaluation Data Sheet (xls)



Resident Applications:

Employee Applications: