What is AHMA East Texas?


Founded in 1983, the Affordable Housing Management Association of East Texas (AHMA) is a non-profit organization representing companies and individuals involved in the ownership and/or management of affordable housing, particularly multifamily housing communities subject to Federal regulation. Private sector housing provides shelter to more low to moderate income Americans than any other housing program, and does so in developments that are well-maintained, well managed, and efficiently operated.

National Representation...

As a member of AHMA East Texas, you are also a member of NAHMA, the National Affordable Housing Management Association. NAHMA, the nation's largest and most influential organization for affordable housing operators, monitors legislative and regulatory issues, makes recommendations to Congress, HUD, and other agencies, and provides recognized eduation and professional certification opportunities.

Regulatory Support...






AHMA East Texas and HUD work cooperatively to ensure the efficient operation of quality affordable housing. Further, HUD fully supports AHMA's efforts to provide education, networking, communication and re-inforcement of best management practices.

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While private sector affordable housing is a true American success story, the management of these properties presents particular challenges not faced by conventional apartment operators. Affordable housing is highly regulated. Owners must be knowledgeable of key regulatory and compliance issues. Managers and supervisors must be highly trained in federal and state regulations, IRS guidelines, fair housing compliance, and complex procedures for reporting and occupancy - all in addition to the normal issues of apartment management.


Since the 1970s, AHMA members have been actively involved in federally regulated housing programs. Today, as the housing environment changes, AHMA continues to focus on all types of affordable housing including Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.

Membership Information and Applications

Our Mission...

AHMA East Texas members are dedicated professional housing

operators who:

  • Provide safe, decent housing for families, the elderly, and the disabled;

  • Manage with a spirit of humanity - identifying and serving the special needs of affordable housing residents;

  • Comply with changing regulations, legislation, and court decisions; and,

  • Learn the management techniques and procedures necessary to operate efficiently in a regulated environment.

As a non-profit educational organization,


AHMA is THE source for current information, education and networking on affordable housing issues...

  • Professional Training and Development Programs for housing managers, owners, supervisors and maintenance personnel.

  • Certification Programs for Affordable Property Management, Occupancy, Tax Credit Management, and Maintenance.

  • Communities of Quality national property recognition program - providing

  • Education Scholarships for affordable housing residents and employees. Over $250,000 in scholarships awarded since 2003.

  • Networking opportunities through regular luncheon meetings.

  • Close cooperation and communication with regulatory agencies including HUD, SHCC, IRS and local and state housing agencies.

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